200mph Police Car - Rapid Reponse Vehicle

Okay, so it’s not real, but I’m sure there’s some bikers sweating over it somewhere and some coppers lusting after it somewhere :slight_smile:

Nice looking car but i think some bikes will still lose it in traffic HAHA

Looks great.

Looks nice, still doesn’t affect my alleyway knowledge!:wink:

unlike these 1’s that are real :unsure:


saw that racing style one at the mph show the other week. just a show vehicle. have seen that lotus on the a27 down near brighton. came onto a roundabout cranked over and he was waiting to pull on. was waiting for him to come after me but he didn’t. someone told me they weren’t actually functioning vehicles but i dunno about that. wouldn’t wanna find out the hard way either

I know for a fact essex police use marked up evo’s had 1 pull me over b4!!

a marked up EVO!:w00t:

hate that pic…had to cut it out at work the other night…better than necklaces tho…looks quick dunnit!:smiley:

yep… here ya go…

rah…ok i believe you now…:smiley: sod that appearing in my mirrors!

lol they put 1 of those beasts on top gear tonight, wow!!!

the only thing that would make me stop to that is me Laughing soo much that i can’t ride anymore

what a joke

and they expect to get respect in that ?

Yeah it was pretty quick!! but it isnt close to being a road car, doesnt last more than 5 mins without breaking down, and will never go over speed bumps…

Isn’t that the same type as the one on Top Gear?

Also marked up Impreza’s I’ve seen around the Wake Arms,very pretty:D

Yeah, hence the comment about breaking down every five mins!!

filthgear also tested it and it set its self on fire burning jason plato in the process :w00t::smiley: