2009 r1

Hi guys and Girls new to this but not new to Bikes.Just done my 500 miles on my new R1, Whats the best full exhaust system.??

Garage was pony and i wouldnt trust them as far as i could throw them so thought id chance my arm with you guys, at the mo its has Acropovic End cans which look good and sound great.


We supply one of the best exhaust systems on the market today.

Stock bike, Stock air filter, Graves exhaust, PCVHigh mount-Full system11 HP @ 8000 rpm8.9 HP @ 11,900 rpm (Peak rpm)Low mount- Full System 11 HP @ 8000 rpm9 HP @ 11,900 rpm (Peak rpm)

System Weight Savings over stock Graves Low Mount Stainless: 7.0lbs -15.0lbsGraves Low Mount Ti: 5.2lbs -16.8lbsGraves Full High Stainless: 13lbs -9lbsGraves Full High Ti: 11lbs -11lbs

Here is a link to our 09R1 exhaust range. 10% discount on all exhausts for LB members :smiley:


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I like the Leo Vince…Sounds amazing.


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