2009 R1 - taming the beast.

As some people may have read I had my 2008 R6 stolen a couple of weeks ago. Rather than replace it I decided to go for a 2009 R1 which I picked up yesterday. Scary fast is the term I would use and I haven’t touched the other two modes yet.

Really I was after some advice from people who race one of these as I’ll be doing that shortly - I’m in the middle of the Hottrax endurance season. I’m taking it easy and not being stupid, but so far I am finding that there is so much power and torque that you can be doing a silly speed without realising it purely because the engine is so unstressed. It moves nicely and feels planted, although I need to get my suspension stiffened as it’s a little “bouncy”, and it doesn’t really feel heavier than my R6. In fact, it’s very easy to ride and hence easy to abuse the speed.

I suppose I am trying to avoid obvious things not to do other than whack the throttle up. If anyone has anything profound to say about riding the bike on track or the road I’d be very interested to hear.


is that the cross plane bug eyed version or the one before?

Rhalf at SBK City (east london) races the new shape in powerbikes and think he’s going to be doing some BSB wildcard races so might be worth swinging by his garage if so.

Why not just ask Brendan, i know he’s not racing at the mo but he was your team mate:w00t:

Yeah will be doing that when I speak to him next although I’d like to get a perspective on someone with that exact bike who races it too as the power delivery is quite different.

I might just do that…