2009 R1 Must Haves!

Can you plase try and be a more blatant with the adverising? at least move this to the for sale section…

Got any free bits for a 2006 Triumph Daytona 955i? Present mods include black anodised valve caps and a double bubble screen and a carbon fibre tax disc holder ( all declared on my recent insurance declaration much to my chagrin as it upped my premium by £63.57 )

:blink:looks pretty much like a product to me. not so sure if it’s an upgrade though:P

We asked permission if we could make posts like this one before we joined as a site supporter, we got the green light and were told to post in this section. We also offer discounts on some products to LB members so it can befit others by being here.

That low mount side exit must sound good! :cool:

Indeed it does…The first one we sold was to a local guy, after he installed it he came back to show us, it looks and sounds incredible. The only down side is it’s a bit on the loud side and will not pass the 105 db test. We will have a new modified titanium tip very soon which should lower the noise level by 2-3 db’s :smiley:

I stand corrected, appologies

What are the smog block-off plates for and where do they go? Are they only relevant for the US spec?

Smog plates are for UK spec bikes. My tech friend from Graves passed this to me about this product…

Why use Smog Block off Plates? What do they do?

Here is a quick but complete explanation on the benefits of using the PAIR valve block off plates on just about every model motorcycle.

*This is for off road racing applications and not meant to be used on the roads.

From the factory most motorcycles will come with a PAIR valve system on them. This is basically air valves that pull fresh air from your air box and through a bunch of hoses and fittings it feeds that fresh air into your exhaust ports on your cylinder head and sends it through your exhaust

There is unburned fuel that makes it through the combustion stroke, exits the cylinder head, and makes its way down the exhaust system to finally exit into the atmosphere. The PAIR valve system adds fresh O2 to the exhaust so that as the unburned fuel come into contact with the extremely hot catalytic converter, the additional fresh air will cool the exhaust and aerate the fuel for a more efficient burn. This equals less emissions being released. . I have heard a number of reasons this is done but I will stick with the basic theories that I am aware of.

(1) This requires a catalytic converter to really complete its job. Once you have installed a full race system and have removed the cat, all this fresh air will do is

Create the popping and back firing that throws those incredibly cool but damaging flames out of your exhaust. To eliminate this add the smog block off plates.

(2) If you decide to have your bike dyno tuned then you should not run the PAIR valve system because as it adds oxygen to the exhaust. The dyno “sniffer” is picking up false readings from the additional O2 added after combustion. When it reads the extra O2 it thinks the bike is running lean and will compensate by adding fuel to the fuel map. Now you have a map that is much too fat (too much fuel) and the bike will run not as good as it should. The person that is tuning the bike will have to pinch these off every time you dyno the bike. To eliminate this add the smog block off plates.

(3) The tubes pump, and wires that are included in the pair valve smog system add unnecessary clutter and weight to the motorcycle. To eliminate this add the smog block off plates.

I think I see why I have so much popping and crackling when I change down. It always happens around 5K rpm.

I may be having a pair of those plates off you at some point.

Have you removed the CAT?

No, just fitted the slip-ons.

popping is the bes t bit why remove it:blink:

I agree, the popping is great but isn’t it going to knacker the silencers long term?

To use the Smog Blocks you need to have your O2 sensor disconnected and also a power commander mapped properly, seening as you are running slip on’s it’s not worth the money. Don’t worry about your silencers, they will be fine.