2009 R1 dyno vid now with Akrapovic vids

American Superbike spec 2009 R1

For someone who’s just bought a Gixxer you aint arf posting a lot of poo up about the new R1;)

Changing your mind are ya 'fro? ;):P:D

Ah shadapayaface :smiley:

And no…Not changing my mind unless you can lend me the 5 grand I’ll need to cover the price deficit between the GSX-R and the R1.

If I had 5 bigguns to spare I’d be on a Tuono by now;):cool:

Looking and sounding good! Now if that was in a 750 chassis, I’d have it :slight_smile: I want nimble and long-bang… Oh hang on, I want an M1. Doh :slight_smile:

5% transmission loss, hrm, I’d heard it was 15% since a few years. Interesting, I’ll have to try and dig out some dyno graphs I have somewhere from my bikes.

It’s usually around 15% loss between the crankshaft and the rear wheel but this one was being measured at the output shaft (front sprocket). He’s basically saying you lose 5% through the chain drive if I’m hearing this right:cool:

Hrm yes, subtle point there. Most manufacturers measure crank, so that’s saying the transmission is absorbing 10%. That sounds like a lot, and then 5% for the final drive.

Stock 2009 R1


2009 R1 with Akrapovic exhausts :smiley:


Sounds good :slight_smile:

god i love the sound of that thing, im hoping everyone now alters the firing order on their inline-4’s

Love the deeper tone of the Akras.

The guy in the garage on the second vid looks like Freddie (D675 ghost rider) :smiley:

0000Goodbye ‘Blade’

Hello 2009 R1 with Akras 0000

I really need to stop watching these videos. I’m getting too tempted to trade up from my 08 R1 to the 09 with some Akrapovics:D

Lets all go down the yamaha dealership and get 3 of em, we’ll get a massive discount !!!

There’s not much profit margin to get a discount on mate, but best of luck :slight_smile:

pre ordered mine!! cheapest i could get one for was £9 500, same price as a pearl siren blue or black 09 blade, hrc paint £100 more, repsol paint £200 more, abs only comes into uk with psb paint £1000 more !!!:wink:

Was that £9500 on the road?
Which dealer was that with?

hi rusty, that price is on the road, the dealer has two shops in swansea, yam and suz dealers, nearly everywhere else i tried was 10k plus otr charges £10300, that price is with no px mind you!!! what colour do you want :smiley: