2009 Hornet for sale

2009 Hornet, black, 16k miles, nearly new 023s, major service 250 miles ago by Admoto, arrow can, hugger, tail tidy, R&G crash bungs, renthal ultra lows. Nice clean bike, a new job means it’s no longer going to get used. Will be on ebay in a week or two for more, bike is in SE London.

Well that went down like a sack of ****. :slight_smile:

It’s on the bay if you change your minds.


good luck

Sorry, already have one :smiley: Good luck with the auction

How much?
eBay link doesn’t work either

works for me. says the listing has ended though

fucking ebay, seriously, what a bunch of muppets, first they lock the account, they make it live and end the auction. retards.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaannyway. £3600 to you lot, classified ad on the bay is £3800 (or will be).

new link


Nice bike at a fair price.

Just wondering why you didn’t put a contact number in the ad? I know some people don’t want to be bothered by wierdos or chancers but generally speaking the easier you make it for a punter to contact you the quicker the sale.

A lot of people (me included ) don’t want to commit to shelling out nearly £4k to a seller without speaking to them first, checking out their story and judging how honest they are, and asking loads of details about the bike. Then ehy can make and offer / commit to buy in full confidence.

Lastly a lot of fuckwits press the ‘Make Offer’ button, you accept, but they regard their offer as a starting point for negotiation when they turn to actually see the bike. If you have’nt spoken to them before they have loads of ammunition to say things like "You didn’t tell me that the front mudguard has a scratch on it’ or whatever . After knocking the bike for five minutes their original offer of £3.7k dwindles down to £3.2k - and they’re doing you a big favour.

Also don’t take the bike off Ebay until you have the money in your hand! This covers you against the fuckwits who will come round and offer £2k because “The tyres ain’t black enough”

Just a suggestion - it’s up to you.

Cheers, I’ve got to get my act together on that ebay ad, life is getting in the way at the moment. It was cobbled together and only has one picture which i’m sure doesn’t help.

If anyone from here wants to get in touch and make me an offer on it, I’m happy to talk. Send me a PM.

I’ll even through in a can of chain lube. :slight_smile:

Thats a nice looking bike. Price not too bad either.

If only I wasn’t just window shopping

i know, it really is lovely. the price is great, it’s mechanically SWEET according to Adz.

i’m a bit gutted to sell but it just isn’t getting used any more and my kids need shoes.

in fact being a Honda, you could probably buy it, use it over the winter, then polish it up and sell it for the same price or more come spring.

those 023s on it. mmm… nice tyres.

I didn’t sell the bike last night, I thought you might like to know this?

cheers mate, i’ll forward on


Right then, was at a dealers last weekend, if you’ve got £3500 burning a hole in your pocket and you want this for collection next weekend. Speak now.

Alternatively you can buy it with a dealer warranty for £3995 the following week.

I save a packet on an insurance refund this way so it makes financial sense to me.

Damn I wish I saw this, looking for exactly the same bike! Shame I got to sell the gixxer first though.

But damn!