2009 hondas ..

acording to the emails i got just now MCN are revealing the 2009 honda models on theie website tonight sometime

?? …v5 or v4 blade replacement … or just a new line of scooters

we’ll see

Are they really the 2009 Honda range, or are they the artists impressions they seem so fond of at present?

Probably MCN’s guess, although it does say Honda are doing the revealing.

I reckon they’ll go for a 600RR update next year. It doesn’t need it but I reckon it’s its turn.

Pictures are up… Looking lovely.


2009 Hondas? Not really just the 2009 600RR which is one bike that I am not really interested in.

doesnt stir the soul.

looks just…well… clean lined and well made… no passion

A magazine that needs headlinesto sell copy, will put a big scoop on it’s website for free?

Can someone explain why they’d do that? Perhaps I’m just too sceptical

Finally put it up! - http://londonbikers.com/news/9771/first-of-hondas-2009-motorcycle-models-announced
21 photos!