2009 GSXR 1000 K8 FOR SALE


Very nice bike and a few tasteful mods.

It is a nice bike! Thanks for the compliment. Time now for a change - I’ve just ordered the new Triumph Explorer 1200. Roll on the adventures!

Is the recorded mileage the actual mileage?

wow, my insurance on that would only be £250.

I did a check cause I thought it would be astronomical, but that is cheap as chips!

Food for thought as they say. Though not sure how those around me would take to me spending £5k of a scholarship on a bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Mileage record is as below.

941 miles in log book first service by Cupar Motorcycles 9/10/09

1065 miles in log book second service by Cupar Motorcycles 23/03/10

1826 miles in log book third service by Cupar Motorcycles 4/08/11

1890 miles recorded on my delivery invoice 8/11/11

2493 miles recorded on 4th service and First MOT by Bowers Motorcycles 27/03/12

2602 miles recorded on the tyre fitting receipt 10/04/12

2763 mileage now as shown on the clock.

Don’t get out much then :stuck_out_tongue:

Are your new adventures just gonna be around the block and back? :wink:

Only joking and good luck with the sale. Bike looks mint.


Might go into the next town on my next bike just to put some miles on lol.

Bike is very mint, thanks for compliment. Really looking forward to getting the new one now. The Ferry is booked for end of July then Europe here i come for a few weeks.

You sold the bike yet?

Do you have a price in mind?

bike is sold Kaos ,if you click the ebay listing and scroll down to questions and answers it says its sold.

Cheers Rosso didn’t look down that far :smiley: