2009 GSX-R 1000 K9 Launch + 007-Fifty Photos

We went down to see the much-anticipated GSX-R 1000 K9 being launched at the West London Suzuki dealership in Bedfont today. We hope to have some words soon, but for now here’s some photos. Impressive as it was with the “everything new” two year revision, there was another special showing, West London Suzuki’s one-off James Bond 007 GSX-R 750. It’s hard to refute that it’s impressive, with nice touches like “007-Fifty” on the bodywork and the roulette rear wheel paint work. Enjoy the photos…

**That roulette wheels looks pretty cool as does the bike **

So did anyone win one then?

You had to fill in the old form which was then sent back to Suzuki for the draw. Had to choose a plate ( your choice , all but 09 was filled in ) and then it has to match one of THEIRS at Suzuki !

Im crap at math , but the possibilites must be huge !

Nice phooties Jay. :smiley:

Shame you could not get 1 photo of the black thou as a whole bike. (I guess it was tight on space)

I didn’t take the photos mate, our Andrew did, the super-BSB snapper!

I’d loved to have gone, seen the bikes and entered the draw. I could do with a replacement 1k :slight_smile: