2008 Yamaha R6, complete damaged bike or breaking for parts

Hi, one of my friend is looking to sell the parts on his R6, here is the list.I got parts from my R6 2008 13s, a frame - needs to be welded, awaiting from motoliner their conclusion whether will be possible to repair or not.V5 document to frame and engine, Engine has 10k miles on clocks and is in great condition, half job is done as all parts are stripped of ( can be used on roads, CAT C)Swing-arm, subframe, brake callipers, a set of gold wheels - with new tyres Pilot Power 2CT and good discs, Tank is dent on right hand side - needs repair. Front forks - straight not bend, only top of right fork is scratched a bit. Some fairing available as well.OEM ECU,DATATOOL S4 C1 RED NEW SUPER CAT 1 Alarm,Rear and front foldingSet of mirrors,Exhaust system with catolyc converter Looking at 2.7k with wheels or 2k without wheels.This bike was a road bike and never been raced or ridden on trackdays. Thanks.If any parts above you are interested please contact my friend, 07902447181

What yoyo didn’t tell us is that he was riding it at the time :smiley:

Good to meet you on Saturday dude!

haha…I never even seen this bike before tbh :wink:

Rear and front folding …what’s?

sets of mirrors most likely :slight_smile:

what kind of mirrors are those then?

folding mirrors, ok, but rear mirrors? front mirrors?

the pedant patrol is not happy.

PS. good luck with the proxied sale of bike you have never even seen before :wink:

Hmmm never been tracked but been crashed so hard the frame needs welding…

im jus helping a friend to spread the news, thats why I left his mobile number in the post for anyone who interested to call him themselves…

That was caused by crash bungs, I have seen quite a few 07 onward R6 have this problem with crash bungs…