2008 Tuono Factory

Hope this is in the right section - I’m looking to sell my '08 plate Tuono factory but I’m not sure what price I would get for it.

Its done 22k miles, though the engine was replaced after ten, due to a freak snapped chain.

Full service history, no scratches…

Can’t find similar age / mileage bike, so was left wondering…

Any suggestions what price I should expect for it?

Nice bike, good luck with the sale!

What’s next?

there only worth 500 quid now the RSV4 is out :smiley:

please drop it at my house sunday cash waiting:hehe:

Oooo a Tuono will be my next bike for sure. Found some '08 Tuonos at around £5500 for the non factory models. Lower mileage but the higher spec of your Factory should still command a slightly better price.

you wont regret getting a tuono it does this :D:D:D:D:D:Dto yr face eveytime

500 + a snickers bar! :w00t:

At that price, I’ll buy it as my second one!

I see that snickers bar and raise you some Belgium chocolate :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, with a house move in May and a baby due in 2 weeks it might have to go to fund a car :frowning:

…temporarily, of course :slight_smile:

Wow good luck with the ltll one ours is due on the 9th!! Not long… Btw cant you keep th bike? we kept ours & bought a used ford focus for under 2k

Hey Muchuu, long time no speak mate! A baby on the way, congrats!!

Are you still moving to cornwall or devon?

Can vouch for this bike, its gorgeous!

Good luck with the sale… if you want to ship it to Oz, I’ll take it off your hands! :slight_smile:

Well remembered about the South West, but no… we’ve just bought a place out in kent - west malling (good biking roads :slight_smile: )

Can ship to Oz, but you’ll have to beat 1 snickers bar and a bit of belgian chocolate to cover shipping…

Congrats on both accounts! :smiley:

But how can you move right by some of my favourite biking roads and be bikeless? :w00t:

Babys really don’t care about cars, so just get a cheap shed and keep the bike! :cool: