2008 Trackday in Japan?

I’m quite possibly going to Japan in spring 2008… And I quite fancy the idea of doing a trackday whilst I am out there… anyone done one? or know any companies that do them

I tried http://www.focusedevents.jp with no success :laugh:

Really quite fancy Suzuka :cool: :smiley:

P.s. Don’t tell SWMBO as I haven’t mentioned this to her yet :laugh:

P.P.S. Would have to be one with bike hire as I don’t much fancy taking any of mine hand luggage :laugh:

Suzuka - to ride there on a TD I believe you have to be a member of a specific club.

It’s not cheap I’ve been told, but it is do-able. (The opposite to Jodi Marsh)

I did do a bit of research into this as I spend a fair bit of time in the far east and years ago my dream was to race at Jerez and Suzuka. (One down one to go)

I’m sorry but I can’t find any of my research.

Dale Lomas (of PB) has some contacts over in Japan, you could try to contact him - he’s a nice bloke.

Cheers Pete… I have a few other leads too… If it’s a load of agg then I probably won’t do it, just seemed rude not to if I had the opportunity :slight_smile:

will see if i can get you details mate - a friend of mine is working out there and just did suzuka (i think it was that track) on his MV

pete - loved the jodi marsh analogy :smiley:

ok, got some starting info for you. not exactly as straightward as here i’m afraid

all tracks require a track licence, presumably along the lines of ACU accreditation. takes a day, but only on certain days a year

suit has to have an MFJ (motorcycle federation of japan) label sewn into it. suits sold in japan have this, not sure if you can get yours scrut’d rather than stump for leathers

the trackdays appear to be more specifically organised by groups, rather than a TD holding the dates and you book what you want.

my friend recommended you take a look at this forum who might be able to help more


Thanks JB, all looks a more bit of an effort than I expected :frowning:

Will look at the site and have a bit of a google trawl and see what else I can find out… the effort might be worth it if it gets me out of being dragged around the shops for a few days :wink: :laugh:

no probs. everything in japan is a bit more effort, bikes included! MoT restrictions on cars are so tough they all sell them

i had a quick look on that forum i put the link to, and there are ways to do odd trackdays without the licence - apparently buying bridgestone tyres can allow you to get involved that way if you ask the right dealers etc.

good luck!

Think I’ll need it!!! :slight_smile:

Have registered on that forum so thanks for the link. I’ll let you know how I get on… :slight_smile:

Dunno about Japan specifically, but I do recall a couple of guys on another list who wanted to do a trackday in the USofA, getting on track wasn’t a problem, the big sticking point was they couldn’t find anyone that would provide medical insurance cover for riding on track over there.

OK, I know I’m being a bit negative here, but it’s something that you do need to take into account - I can’t imagine that Japanese medical treatment would come cheap…