2008 Macau GP

This is really something…Courtesy of Race 24.com


Macau 2008, la course a bord de la R1 d’Amaury Baratin
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I happened to be out there for work a couple of years ago when this was on. It didn’t look anything like this from the other side of the barrier! Frightening stuff. My overriding memory is the number of red flags there seemed to be.

holy crap, looks like the ride to work in the morning with all the street furniture.:w00t:

Holy cow. You know when we sent convicts to Australia to serve out their sentence a couple of hundred years ago? Macau has to be where we send our superbike nutters to serve out their addiction.

It’s just bonkers. No error for margin!

Also, were the others riding 600’s as his bike just ate loads up on the straights!!

There are a few amazing photos in this month’s Bike magazine - they tilt their heads upright in corners so they don’t smack em into the barriers!

wow, shame about the start, but what a great looking track. sign me up !!!

Close enough for ya:w00t:



fookin amazing good find mate

can we arrange that place for the next LB trackday :smiley: please please please !!!

**** the bed thats nuts :w00t::w00t::w00t:

Amazing stuff, Rutter’s had quite a few good placings out there, IIRC Steve Plater did too

It’s sometimes been shown at odd times on men&motors etc.

Will have to look out for it:cool: