2008 Honda CBR600RR (RR8) Hannspree

For sale is my 2008 model Honda CBR600 RR8 Hannspree (limited edition)


proof of fully comprehensive insurance??

What use is that? It won’t cover your bike if someone crashes it.

True will only be covered for 3rd party loss NOT yours. . . If someone damages your bike you will end up with the bill for repairs to your bike.

Yes but with cash in hand, its the riders responsibility. I am not leaving myself open to being prosecuted for allowing an uninsured rider crashing my bike.

This way both parties are covered. If the rider crashes the bike they have bought it, and I am not out of pocket.

Still you dont need fully comp to ride someones bike aslong as its insured and you are then you end up with a third party basic even if your policy is just third party fire and theft

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Only looking to sell my bike, not get involved in a debate about insurance :slight_smile: