2007 R1

Have always riden Honda’s and slated yamaha over the years until i jumped on an 04 R1 in 2005. had a go on a friends and by 9:15 the next morning was a proud owner. Was the best bike i ever rode (my opinion) until some div learner driver on the box/bury run decided to practice an emergency stop as i came round a bend at the speed limit… BANG. That was the end of that un… 3 months ago i went and treated myself to a nice new R1, after the reviews showing power increase, slipper clutch and variable inlet etc etc. What a piece of ****. Rode and performed as i expected, but sounded like a N reg fiesta popular plus that had done 160k!!! After going to yamaha 5 times and being deemed an ACCEPTABLE amount of ticking noise and at a stand still with the giant company not budging i eventually had to pay £1000 to p/x and change to another (not very helpfull infinity motorcycle’s) i rode of on another NEW R1… Sounded beautiful, no ticking noise no problems and very happy… Untill… At about 140 miles of PROPER running in this dreaded ticking noise returned to haunt me!!! ARGHHHHHHH. Can any one shed some light on this, have you had the same problem or no of somebody else that has? After riding bikes for 23 years and a good knowledge of engines i’ve narrowed it down to freeplay in the variable inlet valves. Yamaha said it was the butterflies or the injectors. I say i’ll never buy another R1. Roll on the new 2008 fireblade…

Time to change your …


got a bit of ticking on mine. the mechanics didnt seem to think it was anything to worry about so i’m not. its under warranty, if something goes pop, they’ll have to fix it

Yep all R1s tick…




Yeah 04+ R1s are noisy…Ratlling brake pads, rattling steering dampener and I think the brake discs rattle too.

Just be glad we in the UK don’t get the dodgy US 07 R1s with the throttle lag above 5K.

Its nothing serious…Just get out and ride…and if you ride it like it was designed to be ridden, you should only hear the wailing exhaust note

Full akrapovic carbon body kit, plus full akra system, power commander, bmc filter, pdq setup, ohlins damper etc tyres edged already and all while in run in mode… Mind you my run ins start on the back wheel… see east coast ride out in meets

My 06 sounds a bit loose. You can hear the cam chain and the valves rattling, but its not really an issue. There is also a bit of a vibe from the airbox around 5.5k and it has a huge clunk when you are putting it in gear. I can live with it, overall it is a superb machine. Can’t argue with the performance, it is an absolute rocket ship.

Best way to solve ya problems lads

GET A SUZUKI GSXR1000, you know it makes sense, I dont hear any rattling on my bike!

Thats cos your pipe is so loud…

Yeah my 2006 R1 is a tad noisey… the loudest noise is probably when the clutch isn’t engaged in neutral.

Garage says it fine and certainly don’t worry me or the performance, as far as I can tell.

Doesnt really matta now. i put the stand down in soft ashphelt today and came back to see it laying on its F’in side… Front cowel, 3 side panels, rear cowel, clutch leaver, mirror and bracket… Dreading the quote/bill on monday… Can anyone get trade parts? If so pm me or email me direct [email protected] cheers (nothing on ebay as yet)

Tough luck fella.

Oh No!!

What a $hitter!

It must be a sign … change the bike !

Suprised you have all the problems with it though, my mate swears by R1’s … and has had 3 so far … 2007 one on route !

Hope you get it sorted soon !