2007 MotoGP review

Just a reminder, if you have nowt to do The 2007 Season Review is just starting on Eurosport:cool:

Julian Ryder and Toby Moodie sitting in the Ace Cafe talking sprockets:D

Oi! get off Ginger’s table;):P:D

2007 review?zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :wink:

It wasn’t bad actually E:cool:They managed to squeeze all the best bits of the season into a 30 minute programme;):smiley:

WSB review was better :hehe:

and I missed them both…DOH!! :ermm:

No way!

That was just cr&p

Julian Ryder & Toby Moodie made the show IMHO:cool: