2007 Hottrax Endurance Racing

It’s been talked about for a while after what can perhaps be called the demise of KRC (although they’re still running a few shorter races with New Era in 2007) the following press release is just through regarding the UK Endurace race series to be run by Hottrax:


What’s really interesting is the Junior “Tag Team” event. Two riders, two bikes, two hours - just pass on the transponder.

I’ve done a few 4 hour races in Europe using that formula.

Good fun.

I was up for this - but my mate called and its full already! theres nothing on their www either.

having done 2 seasons of endurance racing in the uk, and gaining my first ever racing trophies last season in endurance, i’m gunna miss it

however, i’m looking forward to the ducati series, and who knows, a guest ride in the hotrax series might turn up