2007 hornet 600

honda have just unveiled the new hornet 600

what do you guys think of the design?


new hornet 2.JPG

new hornet 3.JPG

_new hornet.JPG

see it at http://www.honda.co.uk/performanceArt/final.html


new hornet 4.JPG

hornet 5.JPG

Love it, especially in black. BUT, something would need to be done with that extra large air brake on the back end

Apart from that, it looks hot. If the 900 gets the same treatment, I’d be very interested.

I like it very modern looking!

im not liking that at all. prefere the current hornet

oh thank god. at last. its only taken them like 3 years to make it look like its not abike from the 90’s. that is much better - better than the current fz’s etc. i agree about getting rid of the air brake though. defo best in black

i dont like it but no dout it will be a class act…

Its not bad looking. Not sure about the gold forks/asymetrical exhaust header though…

Dont like the front headlight, and a hornet should have high leval cans

The Clocks are wrong, the Seat is wrong, the tail needs to be tidy’d.

The rest is great!

It looks just like that terrible B-king… Do I have to post the four-wheeler pic again?


but it reminds me of a kawak z.