2007 begins

Yes I’m sad but lets see how good my timing was…

It updated too fast… with 2 seconds to go

haha funny…

happy new year

Joint first I think

Happy new year lads and lasses

Are you watching the fireworks on BBC 1


Thought you were watching a film?

Cool fireworks

Yeah Mrs M was watching so rubbish on channel 4.

easier to just go with it.

did manage to get the remote at right moment though good old BBC 1&2

Good work

Off to bed now. Nite all

that sounds like a good idea working in the morning
Night all sweetdreams

I have to say I reckon its tween you and Baby Polar Bear.
Catch up for pints in the NEw Year kids!

Happy one and all!

well just got in from the fireworks in london it was amasing shame there wasnt alot more people from londonbikers there maybe new years eve 2007 there will be

i managed to get myself into nearly every photo taken by teenagers studying over here from mexico even when they were taken piture of themselve in a group ginge was there

had a right laugh and as we were coming back along victoria street i asked a bike traffic copper at a set of lights diverting traffic could i use the wrong side of the island as all the cars were in the way so we couldnt get past and hes answer was take it easy and i dint see you right, this is one reason why its good to ride a bike if you went by car youd still be sitting by piccidally trust me it was that ramo

anyway happy new year peeps and have a good 2007


well me and ali arrived home safe.what a laugh i just hope the photos come out ginger.i nearly caught u all up at hanger lane after the route i was going to take was rammed with traffic.what a great evening just being there to hear big ben and see the fireworks was something else …happy new year c some of u tommorow…

me and Gina are home aswell! was a good night!! Gina is well happy with herself for riding in and out of central london!!! she only kicked one car whilst filtering from what i saw!!

happy new year from us both

Happy new year to one and all! Life is good!!

hsappy new yer

The fireworks were brilliant. Watched Jools Holland last night and i thought Amy Whitehouse must of been on drunks the way she looked and acted.

But the man Mr Weller was brilliant.

We one Jackie who wants to stand out in the cold and watch some fireworkswhen you can be the first to post on LB

must admit the fireworks on the box where very good and a lot less traveling

I was watching them from my balcony. I have a birdseye view of the London Eye from my flat

yeah but that must mean you have a boring life