2006 toy run


5th pic you just got my arse in (santa)

my pics are here





all looks like fun!!!

I blend in well with my santa suit on.

good photos,is terrymoto asleep on the phone,again

Nice pics Danny

Gutted I missed this.

You could all have popped in for a cuppa, as I work just down the road from St Thomas’. Security would have had a fit

Bloody hell Dan, you dont hang about!!!

Good to meet you today, and some of the other LB-ers too.

Gonna make a start on my ‘Santa outfit’ for next year !!!

gutted…i wasnt there…gutted

Missed you Sal, hope your better soon


I think next year will be the 10th year of the toy run, so everyone should make a special effort for that one.

Here here, do we have any members with a trike cos if we did, we could make a thing of it and get nine of us to do the reindeer bit and get the trike to ride behind as a sleigh, that would be a hoot. If not maybe we casn get Ian to dress his bike up as a sleigh, I think his is the biggest bike likely to be in attendance.

Terry Moto doing his bit and ‘caring for the community’ at St. Thomas’ Hospital…

That’s just naughty


Lovely pictures Ginger- one thumb, one breafast and only one bike!

Terry you should have left him there in the nutty ward.

For next years toy run, we have a member jimc who has a trailer for his bike and that could be made into a sled.

That sounds like a plan