2006 R1 fuel range

How many miles/km’s should I expect out of a tank, before the fuel light comes on? And how far can I travel, once the reserve light comes on?

My 2007 R1 does approx 130 miles before the reserve light appears!! You should get around 20 miles on reserve

Is that city riding (constant stop starts)?

I seem to be only getting a little over 100 miles before the light comes on. Maybe I need to get it Dyno tuned?

i get a ton before the light too in the city

Got most of about 110 miles in the city and most of 160 miles on faster roads.

This is with a custom Power Commander map for the open cans, bmc filter and stacks.

Suggest you get yours set up.

to be fair, i could prob get more miles per tank in the city, but i’d be having less fun :wink:

Depends if you find stop start traffic fun no?More fun outside the city, riding the country lanes for me. :slight_smile:

suppose its what you’re doing between the starts and stops. otherwise it sucks big fat monkey balls

clearly more fun on the open roads, but my office is very inconsiderate that way and put themselves in central :wink:

Does a BMC air filter, cause the engine to drink more, as apposed to a stock filter?

I have a similar problem… :rolleyes:

Kindly refrain from mentioning my genitalia on an open forum;):P:D

pmsl :smiley:

nope, better flowing air filter should lean the mix in theory

I guess I should get the PCIII mapped, to suit the new configuration … Unless anyone has a custom map I can try? I downloaded a map from the PCIII website, but don’t know if it would be sufficient?

Mine’s an 06 R1 with Race Akro’s and Graves velocity stacks, nothing else.

I was getting 120-130 miles commuting into town on the M4 then tried super unleaded which put it up to 150 miles.

Most I’ve ever had with the light on is 27 worrying miles before finding fuel.

ive seen the way you ride through chelsea m8 and id say u`d get double the mpg if u were to tone down ur riding a little bit:P

being a london bus driver ive seen a few lbrs riding through london and id say that ur all NUTTERS:):):slight_smile:

i dont own a r1 so i wouldnt know how much you`d be able get from a tank of fuel

wen i used to cummute on me gixer6 id get about 106miles to the tank. but that was me pining it everywere. ive got a gilera200vxr and that`l do double the the distance of me gixer and it costs less to fill up;)

You’re in the wrong forum with that Vespa mate :smiley:

as it happens, now that i’m doing the run through chelsea i’m getting better mpg than i did to my previous place of employment :Pjust jealous you’re sat in a big fat bus whilst we whizz past? :wink:

now, now … I think we are off the topic

keep the peace :smiley: