2006 ktm 950sm black and orange - Greenwich

Not mine, but a mates off KTM forum

Link to original post http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/950-990-supermoto/1147490-bike-stolen-06-ktm-950sm-black-orange-south-london.html#post4028930

PM if you’ve got any info and I’ll pass it on.

here’s a picture of the bike - pretty easy to identify from the following non standard parts:

stolen bike

950 duke front mudguard with fender extender (so has the standard hiogh level motox style orange mudguard but below it a black wheel huggiung type as well).

rear hugger extender (but no chain guard)

rear tail tody with aftermarket led light

pair winges metal cans with carbon tips

ergo gel seat

shock sock

various bit of orange bling (master cylinder cover and frame holes plugged)

black side stand extension foot plate

rear kappa top box

orange mesh radator cover

SAS blanked

please keep your eyes peeled across south london and kent and if you see a black and orange ktm go take a look

thanks very much!

if i find any better images (phone and laptop in the top box so struggling to find images)

ta Jim