2006 FireBlade & R1


Love the stealth black look:


Anyone care to translate in English:


Blade looking better than the R1 for me.

Yamaha YZF-R1: more sharp-edged, with integrated front turn signals, larger air intakes and a completely new headlight.

The answer came promptly, and it sounded decided. “performance increase wants more never ends”, said a high-ranking Yamaha engineer on the question, where the achievement will still rise with the supersportsmen. As long as there would be motorcycles like g 1, they would add from entwicklungsstufe to entwicklungsstufe. The controllableness of many horse power will move stronger at the same time into the foreground.

In other words: An electronic anti-slip regulation, how they today already possess MotoGP motorcycles, is quite possible for that for the next evolution stage g 1. Also further transfers of MotoGP technology are conceivable for the 2006er-R1, for example an electronic delimitation of the butterfly valve opening in the lower courses, in order to prevent all too rabiate Wheelies. A genuine M1-Replika for the road, then mentioned Yamaha already in dealer circles, it however in the year 2006 will not give.

Hello and welcome. Thanks for the translation.

God ! I can’t stop changing my mind! First I was in love with the new R1, now I have to have the Blade… Stop teasing me guys…

The Translation was no problem thanks for the welcome

It would have to be the Blade, R1 just doesn’t Look fast enough

Don’t like either.

The Blade looks really nice… The R1 in the pic was a concept spec, I don’t think that’s the one coming out in 2006! When I got my tyres fitted my the loving Lyndzi at YSL, she showed me the pictures YAMAHA themselves had sent in to which they were to advertise…

The 2006 Yamaha R1 is this:


__2006 Yamaha R1.JPG

2006 Yamaha R1 Red.JPG

I like the black blade, just edges it over the new R1 forme, would’nt say no to either though.