2006 Budget

Chancellor has just finished his speahc and seems to have left fuel alone.

But he failed to seize an opportunity in that he could have:-

a) Offered free eye tests to all cage drivers
b) Increased vehicle tax for larger cars
c) Reduced excis on Jack Daniels, Newcastle Brown Ale and Jim Bean

Great! Specially the JD one, lol

If you look carefully at the results - petrol is being left alone until 1st September, what happens then is anyones guess.

Tax for supposed green cars has been abolished. Tax for the highest polluters went up to £219 I believe.

9 pence on a packet of cigs, but they are still the same price in Belgium.

1p on a pint of beer.

4p on a bottle of wine (but not sparkling stuff).

Personal tax alowance went up about £114, something like that from memory.

So, if you live a healthy-lifestyle, you’re better off huh? Glad to hear the fuel was left alone for now.