2005 KTM Adventure 950S Stolen

Like it says. My bike was stolen Sunday afternoon in London, UK.Being the slightly rarer Blue S model, I would appreciate it if anyone spots anything in parts or 2nd-hand bike sales.
It had a (very) high Renazco seat, BlackDog CW bash plate and Tim Hilsamer’s LongPegs.

Shitty end to what was a nice day really…
To some extent, I feel like a chump - I managed to tick most of the boxes in “how to get your bike stolen” - no chain, no alarm, London. The galling thing is I am normally very anal about it - I chain it up religiously or I don’t let it out of my sight. This afternoon, I was visiting friends - a bit of a lapse of my security regime - took their kids to the park… came back and it was gone.

Kinda screws my plans for Portugal at the end of the month…

UPDATE 1: It was datatool tagged - by the first owner - but the subscription lapsed before I bought it. Anyone know much about how datatool tagging works?
UPDATE 2: FWIW, it was taken from N1 4BT
UPDATE 3: Full list of distinguishing features after the photos

This is what she looked like…

List of distinguishing features/mods are:
Dent in front header pipe - visible from the front (from before I bought it)
No safety warning sticker on top glovebox
Renazco suede rally seat (2.5inch raise)
Hilslamer LongPegs (long rally pegs)
Blackdog Cycleworks Bash Plate
Touratech rear brake guard
Touratech Folding rear brake pedal
Katoum luggage rack
Oxford Grips with temp control attached to right handguard & KTM TripMaster switch on Left Handlebar
Green Datatool Tagging sticker on the RHS of the Oil Tank. Many of the parts/panels have been Datatool Tagged.
Rear Luggage Racks
Black Zip-tie on the left hand fork (to keep track of stroke utilisation on my newly tuned suspension)
Superplush stickers on the forks and shock
Paintwork in pretty good order - apart from some flaking on the corners of the fairings near the dash
Bright ORANGE rear Spring (its a custom-wound 160N rear spring)Is also being tracked here: http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=21356and here: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=369432

My friend had his Adventure stolen in Islington a couple of months ago. He got his bike back a few days later with only the ignition barrel messed up, otherwise not a scratch (even his Leatherman was still in the little compartment). I’ll ask him where it was found, you never know…

Pete has replied on ADVRider.

ta mate.

Er, sorry, cant find it… can you post a linky?


Ignore me - I found it…

Spoke to Pete yesterday - got some good tips.


I hope they get what they deserve and I hope you get a result mooky