2005 Hornet in the only colour that matters

Hornet is up for sale :frowning:

it has been a brilliant companion for the past 3 years but I have a green light from the missus for a new bike

It has 27000 miles at the moment (and still using to commute). I have put 20k of those in the last 3 years.
It has been very well looked after (garaged and washed regularly) and has had oil replaced every 4k and oil & oilfilter every 8k
along the usual checks

What you also get is
braided front brake lines (@12,5k - May 2010)
hagon progressive forks and oil (@19k - Feb 2011)
newish tsubaki chain and renthal sporckets (-1front +2rear) (20k - Mar 2011)
newish fornt tire (@22k - Aug 2011)
rear hugger
front fender exteder
‘hornet’ radiator cover
crash bangs
stomp grips
MOT and TAX for a year (just got the MOT on 20th March)
The original exhaust and indicators and mirrors will go on the bike and are not part of the auction

More info or to arrange a viewing please pm me

looking for £2,600 (as thats what i was offered to PX it)


Price dude ?

ha ha , quick draw McGraw edit Pan !

Good run-around guys.

i’d have snatched it right away only if i’d get a loan/finance anywhere :frowning:

So to clarify… are you selling it with the Mivv exhaust or with the stock one because your statement is confusing…The original exhaust and indicators and mirrors will go on the bike and are not part of the auction ? The Mivv sounds awesome! :smiley:

That is a really clean bike and I should know as I ride with the f*cker every day :smiley:

what’s the year?

im guessing 2005, like it says in the title :stuck_out_tongue:

no mivv, mirrors and indies seen in pic are not included. I will be selling the Mivv exhaust separately and im keeping the mirrors and indies.


blimey i sold mine for £500. there again it had been crashed a few times, set on fire, had a dodgy gearbox…

good luck mate. great, versatile bikes they are :cool:

sold pending payment :frowning:

Wow that was quick!!! :slight_smile:

Man you’ll love the SD - when you actually buy one!! :smiley:

yep was surprised at that also

Have you now got the SD? What are you going to be commuting on till you get it? Are you going to mingle with the oi polloi

havent got anything yet. need the sale to go through first. then look at options.

gratz on the agreed sale. I thought it might go quite quickly. Tell us if you shed a tear… be honest now… Is she going to a good home?

i will def cry

grr buyer can make it today (said sometime in the week)

still up for sale until then

bikes back to standard (ish - braided lines, upgraded fork springs and bellypan stay on)