2005 fz6 for sale


Up for sale is my fz6, it was a Cat C and its just been registered a Cat C again…

http://londonbikers.com/forums/1019610//yamaha-fz6 - Original listing
(altho it has the standard seat as the custom was uncomfy)

So, Bad points:

Sept 14th it was knocked over at about 3mph (Onto the kurb) causing a few little problems, amongst the little list of problems it had.

  1. Headlights became stuck on high beam after the accident (Id only bodged 2 new connectors on the night before as a quick fix as they were wired wrong).
  2. Speedo stopped working a few weeks before it had 33k ish on the clocks and id used it for a couple hundred miles after (so its safe to say 35k).
  3. Rear wavey disc is fitted, but I managed to warp it by rolling the bike backwards whilst the disc lock was still on… (Brand new wavey included in sale).
  4. Handle bars are slightly bent and need replacing.
  5. Minor dent/scratches to the LHS/RHS of the frame near the engine.
  6. It kept blowing the ‘back up fuse’ the day after the accident (it blew it twice) not sure why I haven’t investigated…
  7. Will need to be re MOT’d once the bars are replaced (Im confident it will pass but I haven’t looked it over)
  8. Only sent the V5 today so im waiting for it… But full receipt will be given (Along with a copy of the filled in V5).

Good points…

  1. Engine is sweet, runs really well and pulls extremely well.
  2. Twin Akrapovic exhausts fitted which sound cool as ****!
  3. 170ish miles to a tank (£20) -Not sure how good or bad that is.
  4. New tyres fitted less than 1000miles ago… (Continental).
  5. Givi rack and plate fitted.
  6. Tax’d.
  7. Scottoiler.
  8. Tail tidy.
  9. Adjustable levers.
  10. Ill include a brand new Haynes manual.
  11. I’m sure there’s more… I just cant remember…

I was tempted to turn it into a track bike & hope to get on a track finally… But its not going to happen any time soon & iv just put a deposit on a new bike so this one needs to go!

I’ve been as honest as I can as I don’t want this to be ‘palmed’ to another Lb’r, ideally I want £1200 as is… But this is LB and it isn’t an ideal world…
So… please inbox me any offers… Bike will need to be collected from my mums, ISLINGTON. But not until Wednesday at the earliest as I haven’t got it back from the insurance yet…

If someone buys this to ‘Break’ Ill need you to promise to give ‘Me groovey’ first dibs and a good deal on the headlights & ‘Nivag’ first dibs & a good deal on the exhaust…

Apart from that…
Feel free to ask questions…
PX may be possible…
(No calls as im working in the sticks and have no signal)- Unless its face time audio/viber/texts/whatsapp.

Now on ebay as it is.

potentially sold