2005 Fazer clocks pinout (or just plug)?

I’m trying to fit a set of 2005 Fazer clocks to a 2005 FZ6. I’ve got the wiring diagram, and it looks easy enough, but the plugs are different (theres an extra power pin on the Fazer clocks) and I can’t find pinout info. The problem is that the loom plugs into a socket on the back of the clock, and I can’t find any info as to which pin is which. What I’m after, then, is:

The plug cut off the loom with enough cable hanging out of it to see which is which.
A photo of each side of the plug, to see which colour wires fit where in the plug.

Fabricating a connector shouldn’t be too much of an issue if necessary, once I know what goes where.

Anyone got either a plug/wire knocking around, or plans to have that bit of the loom on their bike exposed shortly?