2005 CBR600F Red/Silver Excellent Condition


Looks like a fair price to me…

Moto King why do you edit every one of your posts?

Thats not too bad Moto-King, I’ve seen 02 and 03 plates go for that much and a bit more with a little less miles. I’d say its leaning a bit too close to dealer price but those bikes do hold their value as they are sort after by people who have just passed and stunters. Pretty clean all round as well if the pictures speak the truth. I think he will get very close to £3000 no problem for it.

Plus you have to try your luck. Don’t ask you don’t get.

Because I want to good answer. Who am I? Not the king of bikers in the uk it turns out

Don’t you mean king of the BUMMERS wheyyyyy

How much is one of these worth (same colours but 2004) that has 50k on the clock?
I could be tempted to part if it holds its value as much as that!

Seen these go from anything from 1500 upwards

@ Kato would say would go between 2000 - 2400

But the sport versions worth more with dual seat

I paid £450 for my first one but needed abit of work

And my 2nd was given for doing a job for someone but was in pieces and Needex rebuilding

A bit of work :w00t:

yer just a tad :Whistling:

I bought my 2004 CBR600F in July 2 years ago with 4000 miles on the clock for £2700 (in the middle of summer):smiley:

shame shes dead now…


you can get a superduke for that money :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

thats alot of cash for an old bike! I wouldnt

The dealers are cheaper mate.

15k miles, 2006

It feels like it at the moment. Mine’s still for sale :pinch: