2004 YZF-R1 £4500

  • FOR SALE -
    2004 R1 with the following mods:

Yoshimura Tri Oval exhausts
Harris Rearsets
Pazzo shorty levers
Ohlins steering damper
Galfer wavey brake discs
Stomp grips
R&G Crash protecters
R&G Tail tidy
Velcroed 7 x 5 numberplate (+legal one)
Zero Gravity Double bubble screen
Michelin Pilot Power 2CTs
New Datatool Series 4 alarm (1 fob)
Customised nose cone
Integrated front and rear indicators
5 months Tax

Will also throw in:
An Oxford cover.
Part worn 2CT rear tyre (current one is almost gone)
Paddock Stand
Some assorted random spares (brake pads etc)

She’s just had her 24k mile full service that included replacing the swing arm bearing and a full work over (cost £800), has never really been wet and has been covered or garaged for her whole life. MOT is due in a month or so but she’ll pass no problem. I can personally testify to the quality and effectiveness of the brakes as well :wink:

Almost FSH, great condition. Looking for £4500. Currently in East London.

If interested PM me.








nice clean bike mate but you forgot to say that shewolf once owned this bike for the pervs that might want to get there freak on with something she owned:w00t:or is that just me


Very nice R1 and defo worth the asking price with all those tasteful mods. I’ve seen standard ones go for £5K and the aftermarket parts are probably worth a couple of grand at least.

Andy, it’s a shame I never got round to doing a BCR with you on the R1. So what are you getting next?

It’s an absolutely gorgeous bike, it’s hard saying goodbye, but I’m not riding her enough is the truth.

I’ll keep the Fazer through the winter then test ride some stuff next year. Considering Duke / Hypermotard etc

Edit: Darren - I’ll rent you time with it alone in the garage if you like. :wink:


Looks like no-one from LB interested, so quick Q… Where would you recommend advertising? how about Ebay? AutoTrader? etc…

Try pistonheads. It’s free (including pictures etc) if you set up a new account. I had a fair amount of calls through it (be prepared to get loads of rubish calls as well, “The bike, I want it, what’s your address?” sort of thing).
The good thing as well is that it includes a “virtual” phone number, so no need to make your real number public.

Good luck!

Sweet thanks. I’ll give it a go… Avoiding the tards was a major reason for wanting to shift it here so the anonymous phone thing is a winner.

You can do the phone number thing with Bike Trader too.