2004 Yamaha R1 - ride height


Has anyone ever adjusted the ride height on a 04 05 or 06 Yamaha R1??

I can see where and how it needs to be done but i am having trouble sourcing shims or spacers to fit between the shock and frame.

Yamaha are were unable to help me - can anyone out there???


Some 1mm washers with a 15mm centre hole should do the trick.
Before that is done id suggest getting the sag set correctly front and rear (if you havent already done this) this could sharpen the steering up as well.

Another thing you could do to have the same effect as raising the rear ride height is to lower the front end by raising the forks through the yokes, try 5mm to start with.`

I did mine, put a 2mm engineering shim in that I got from a quality engineering supplies shop. Dead easy, quick job too. When you have the shock top undone at the top mount , I packed some rags around a car scissor jack which I sat on top of the rear tyre an very gently wound the jack on until I could get the washer in.

Definately improved the handling but if you have short legs you have to ride like an Apache Indian dodging bullets to get your knee down.

You will need to check your sags again , front and back, when you’ve done it…weight’s shifted slightly.

This is what the back end looks like after the op and thats what a knee down shortfall looks like.


Big Red.JPG

Nice one!!

Thanks for teh help - i will give it a go!

Bullet, u r gay, dont be a pussy, drop the forks by 20mm, then raise the back 5mm, Then you will be impressive