2004 Kenny Roberts Proton KRV5 XM2 Ex Kurtis Roberts Moto GP bike

V5 Honda engine producing around 240 BHP
Nissin callipers
Carbon brake discs
24 litre fuel tank
Ohlins forks

Price: POA (maybe get an LB fund going)

More amazing bikes available at http://rmdmotors.com

Mmmm Daytime MOT maybe :w00t:

Is it wrong to want to stick a topbox on it so I can use it for commuting?

I’d buy it and use for couriering around London for a day :smiley:

or an lb track bike lol

be a blast on the BCR :smiley:

chain and sprockets looks a bit shagged

Looks good for a first bike :)) lol

p.s. good luck with the sale