2004 DRZ400 S

well as much as i enjoy getting out on the bike and getting muddy my drz is up for sale

2004 in yellow
mot/tax till april 2013
just hit 17thou on the clock mot’s and some history
2x keys
tool kit (plug spanner about the only usefull thing :roll: )few cable ties and tire levers
corbin seat
quill pipe
cyra hand guards
aluminium case savers
renthal bars
acerbis headlight (not pictured)
r&g tail tidy with micro indicators
mt21 rear slightly worn
bridestone gritty on the front with a new one ready to go on
new ebc pads front and rear
new front sprocket

just changed oil and filter,new plug and cleaned air filter,pair valve removed and solenoid from carb pulls better in first to third.not had 3x3 mod or any jetting standard header pipe.

looking for £1750 or nearest offer

07593310899 Guy

Oh man … I’m a bit tempted. Stay in touch :slight_smile:

i have just over a month to sell as i’m heading for Australia :smiley: where i’ll be looking to buy another dual purpose on arrival :cool:

forgot to mention bike is located in Gillingham Kent ME7 postcode…contact me for any more details

Moving to Australia for good? Awesome bike, wish I could buy that

puts a grin on my face everytime it goes down the lanes :smiley: …for good?,hmm i have no real plans just go see a friend and my cousin and take things from there.they only issue holiday working visa’s to max 30yr old so whilst i’m still under 30 i’m taking the oppertunity whilst i can :wink: if it goes ok and work is available then i’ll try to extend the visa.

as i do here i’ll take each day as it comes and enjoy it:cool:

damnit, again one of the things I would have seriously looked at if I had my own place :frowning:

Tempted by this. Lovely bikes.

still open to reasonable offers this bike needs a new home :Whistling:

all this wet weather and no one wants to get muddy :rolleyes:…i’ve even cleaned it today so the pleasure could be all yours :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have it for £100? :Wow:

good try :smiley:

this is not a ebay question :stuck_out_tongue: i’ve been offered all manner of swaps like 636 with akropovic exhaust :rolleyes:

open to serious cash offers for a straight sale :slight_smile:

nice bike. Perfect for me…stupid Mel wont let me buy it!

Aaaargh I wish I had the money for this!!! When do you leave for Aus?

anytime after the 7th august so no real rush :Whistling: it will go eventually,got to stop getting the thing muddy local jetwash is making a mint out of me

Hey GP, where abouts in Oz are you headed?

perth to start with got a mate there and a possible contact for work,no real plans just going to enjoy as much time there as possible,got to make a trip to hobart tasmania to see my cousin at somepoint too :slight_smile:

DRZ got muddy again this afternoon great fun through deep puddles and slushy mud in all this rain :wink: did’nt miss a beat and pulled up all the steep slippery chalk banks along the north downs way

buy it and you could be having fun in the wet too :smiley:

Hmm … wondering about a DRZ 400E … so many versions to choose from :slight_smile:

only real differences between the S and E models is the E having the following

-plastic tank
-lower gearing by one tooth on the front
-basic electrics and dash
-half subframe
-pumper carb ,bigger snorkel on air box and larger diameter header pipe

i’ve rode with one with basic mods to mine and there is hardly any difference other than mines a bit heavier

tbh the bike makes naff all difference,belongs it has half decent suspension travel a good set of knobblies at the right pressures and ok brakes the rest is all down to the rider like we should all know by now;)

ah the hotter cam forgot that…:satisfied: