2004 CBR600RR 1645 Miles

As the heading says CBR600RR 2004 with only 1645 miles was bought by last owner to use for commuting but he moved jobs and left it sitting in his garage for a while, then I bought it for my better half who never gets a chance to use it so it is reluctantly for sale.
As you would expect for a bike of its mileage it rides like a new one, the tyres are like new and so are the chain and sprockets. Only down side is when the last owner put it away he didn’t clean it first so there is some small amounts of salt corrosion on bits like the lower part of the shock and some nuts, also there are some marks on the l/h side panels.
Has smart water fitted.

Currently no Mot or Tax but I will put a new MOT on it for new owner unless you wish to do this yourself for a discount on price.


PM me for more details or further pics





Looks like its done more than 1600miles to me…:wink:

the tyres should be pretty solid…

The tread may be like new but they are 6+ years old tyres, I would be sticking some new ones on personally. Great bike for that money though, my favourite rr colour scheme.

Good luck with the sale

Such a waste of a bike IMO. Would have done more damage to leave it standing like that. I wonder if it’s the original oil in there?

Will make someone very happy though:)

I bought my r6 under similar circumstances (4 years old 500 miles, 3years out of tax standing in a garage.) I called up Yam tech and thery were not too concerned if it had been kept garaged out of sunlight and the tyres were not left flat. It just had the brake fluid tested at the 12000mile service (now shes almost 6 years old) and it doesn’t need changing even now. The original tyres were good until I wore them out :smiley: But I did buy from a reputable dealer who would have checked over the bike anyway.

This is not technical advice, merely a recount of some experience. That said, said experience may not guarantee you have the same. Do not take this information as instruction, you may prefer to seek professional/expert advice :w00t: