2003 r1 battery

good evening all, my battery has died a death and will no longer hold its charge so i was looking to purchase a new one, any advice on what type/make and where?

i live in watford.

thanks in advance

halfords is as good as any, or try Lloyd coopers down Queens Road. Halfords have a flip chart next to the batts so you can be sure to get the correct one

Halfords do Bosch, my local one didn’t have a flip-chart but there aren’t that many styles of bike battery. Can’t go wrong there with quality & prices looking good.

I bought a Varta from eBay from onlinebatteries - price very good and delivery fast.

Good luck,


thanks chaps will try halfords

get Yuasa, most bike shops should be able to get you one.

You could try these guys:

Barden UK Limited
Tel - 01489 570770
Web - www.barden-uk.com

I’ve bought a couple of batteries from them, and they’ve always been the cheapest for Varta from what I can find. They come with acid (if your battery needs it!) and are quick to deliver too!!