2003 '03 plate Honda CBR600F for sale - £3000 ono

Full details can be found here!


Any comments on the price I’m asking?



Price seems high-ish/OK for the year/mileage, but the scratches are strange? why on the left hand mirror are they so deep, and they are also on the right… how many times has it been down the road???

Hi, thanks for the reply. I

It’s not been down the road, the scratches on the mirror came from my own stupidity of parking my bike up and not kicking the stand down properly and the bike dropping. In my parking space there is a concrete pillar and the bike clipped that, which is where the scratches on the LHS mirror and the crack in the screen came from. There are no scratches on the RHS mirror though.



Ahh that explains it, should put that in the advert maybe?

Saw an 2002 model for sale in FWR, lower milage for £2850 so think you have pitched it OK, good luck!

Yeah think I will add it to the advert to explain, cheers for the post!