2002 Triumph Sprint RS 955i


dammit to hell I want that!

GReat bikes - my brother had one for a while as his first bike. Great engine, a bit bouncy compared to my 675 lol but I agree as a sport tourer (emphasis on the tourer) it is a great bike and not too common.

Good luck.

Yup, it is a fabulous bike. Ask Westie1050, he has heard is as well. As I need this gone quite soon, price dropped to £1650 ono. :crying:

ooh good luck Gord!

Now on Ebay and Bumtree. Looking forward to dealing with numpty offers and silly questions! I may even post up some if they come my way. Had one from Gumtree already.

Guv, I only have £1000, can we do a deal? Well, my deal is buy a £1000 bike with that £1000.

ooh bitchy!:stuck_out_tongue:

Noooo what’s the next bike to be?

have a CB250 at the moment, will probably not get anything bigger for a couple of years while I adjust to being on a lower paid salary. If things turn around, I’ll be back with a Speed Triple or Bonneville. Love having a Triumph, great bikes. Might be tempted by a KTM SuperDuke, but that would depend on costs etc…

Ah nuts atleast nothing is forever so you can aim towards something in the near future :slight_smile:

Thanks to some feedback (useful) from some Triumph owners, I’ve dropped the price to £1600 as this is more realistic for the condition of the bike. It is not immaculate (not a virgin), well worn pair of shoes, but still goes like absolute crazy (he he he).

sorry to hear the banana has to go :frowning:

Price now dropped to £1550. Last chance saloon. Spotted a bike I would like to get, and need this one gone asap. A lot of bike for not a lot of money and a cracking great ride.

Still for sale. Great bike, lots of torque and goes all too well.

Deposit taken. Bike will be gone next week.