2002 Honda CBR600F Sport


Hewo,I am selling my CBR600F Sport. I may well live to regret it as I really do love this bike and haven’t had it long but an opportunity has come up for something different.

i bought it from Tippetts Honda in Surbiton, it was supplied by them to the two previous owners so they knew the bikes history well. It had 27k miles with full main dealer history and hasn’t ever been dropped to thier knowledge (all original fairings and clean engine cases etc) It is basically just a very clean well looked after bike with good history, original books and two sets of keys.

Other than the gold wheels (done by dream machines in birmingham just before I bought it) it will come as a totally standard bike.

The bike has just recently had some £££ spent on it including:

  • Service at main dealer at 30k miles (now on 31k)

  • New rear tyre 800 miles ago

  • Front pads same time as service

  • New ‘cbr’ logod bar ends as originals had faded

The bike has 9 months tax and mot, 3 owners and full history. It pulls really really well, have had quite a few comments from LB’ers that it go’s quite well :wink: and as you would expect from a CBR6 it feels well put together and runs sweet as a nut.

Price is £2500.

ill have a think about it :slight_smile:

Lovely looking bike mate, that design was years ahead of its time. A mate of mine has one and it’s on about 120k miles by now, doesn’t look quite as clean as yours though:D

You going to buy it then?

Yeah think your right, have this nagging doubt I’ll regret it but hey. The engines go on and on and on.

bump in the night :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Leon, cant believe your selling your bike, I thought u loved it! :w00t:

Whats the new one though, sounds intriuging?

I do love it, I feel bad like i have disowned it!!!

The new one is yet to be unvieled :stuck_out_tongue:

I too can’t believe it! Now you have betrayed her it’s only a matter of time before the revenge breakdown! Lovely bike Leon, good luck

so whats the replacement??

yeah come on, what bike have you got now?

07 Gixxer 600 is the new one

Nice bike to trade to. still funny that your getting rid you aint had it that long have you


Does it have any security features like immobiliser, alarm etc? Also heated grips?


Good choice :slight_smile:

Forgive me if your request is genuine, and if so welcome to LB, but with current bike theft activity you may have just asked for the code to his burglar alarm.

Any pics of the new beasty yet

I’m in the market for a new sport 600 and this is basically perfect if only it was a few months in the future, this bike looks great!

I am new to bikes (not riding though) and looking to buy anything under 3000 and 600cc. Since the intention is to use it for daily commute to London; wouldn’t want to turn up at parking spot with full kit on and not to find the bike. Hence the question about security.

I don’t know if I have asked in the wrong way; I see things like this mention on several sales sites, AutoTrader, MotorCycle news etc. I guess, what I am after is whether the bike has anything beyond the handle lock and any external locks I use to secure it.


PM sent sreeni