2001 Honda CB500

2001, X-Reg Model
Just under 45k on the clocks
Brakes are fully serviced and spotless
Tax & MOT until end of August.
Chain & sprockets are Good
Tyres are recent new items.
Dent in tank
Back plastics are cracked
Indicator is repaired.
No Service History per se (I can’t find it, it had a fair amount) - I may find it though!
Starts first time, runs and rides great. Ready to go.

The plan was to use this bike everyday to work and have the SP1 for the weekend. Unfortunately the latter bike is so much fun, this ends up sitting in the garage, not doing much.

In the best colours around for a CB500. Black & bling gold. :slight_smile:


Was previously sold (at that price and very quickly too) but I had to leave for Dubai for 2 weeks and previous seller was impatient.



Will be able to accomodate viewings from 16th April onwards.

What 4k a year?

It`s over 455,000 miles to the moon and back.

So at that rate it would have taken over a hundred years.

It has regularly been to Slough which some might same, is as inhospitable as the Moon is.

Since Ricky moved out there is not much to recommend Slough.

45k is nothing. It’s an ultra reliable Honda.
I cant see why this bike wouldn’t reach 150k on just tyre, oil & filter changes.

But if its only been to Slough could it find its own way home from Ludlow (for example) ?

Moto King - I don’t know premises187 and have never met him. Infact, I have criticised many of his youtube videos in the past. However, thank you for your delightful input to this thread of which it’s content is based on the square root of fvck all. CCT’s perhaps but that goes hand-in-hand with it being a Honda.

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