£2000 REWARD- KTM 950 Adventure


There is footage from a local supermarket showing them (1 white male and 2 black males) stealing it and putting it in the white van and there is also an eyewitness but the police haven’t bothered look the footage or take the eye-witness’s statement. Is it me or is this a joke?

Hi all,

I offer £2000 reward to information that will lead to the bike.

It was stolen on Monday 13.10.14 from N17 area, London. Near White Heart Lane Stadium. Greek licence plates XZK 237. Insurance won’t pay anything.

Please share. Contact number: 07526919406 Dimitris - Thanks!

Hope you get it back mate.

Can i ask why won’t the insurance pay out?

Not good

Thanks for your message.

I drove it from Athens to London back in August (Greek licence plates so Greek insurance) with the hope to change to UK plates and get UK insurance and everything. I had initiated the DVLA process but the bike was still under the Greek insurance. They do not cover theft if it’s outside of the borders. That’s the reason. They would cover it if it was stolen in Greece but not outside of it…

Here you can see the Greece to UK trip. http://inwheelsitrust.tumblr.com/

I am a video director as well so I was planning to make short documentaries for nice places bikers could visit within the UK and Europe. Plans changed now…

All the best,


Thanks for the support…

Good luck mate. such sad news to hear. but its well know foreign bikes are big targets across europe.

I hope you get it back!!

Thanks for the support Rixxy.

All the best

White Van 3 males if I didn’t know any better sounds like the three that stole our Duc. 5/10/14 N9 area, hope you get it back! Dizzxx

Thanks Dizz.

It must be the same gang operating in the same area. Ducati you said? There are many bike part shops specialising only in KTM and Ducati. Do you know any near our area?

Arh bummer! I’m pretty sure there are gangs that specialize in bike theft.

Really hope you get it back. So bad that the insurance won’t pay :frowning:

Really bad… Thanks…

Hi I’ve PM’d you re this, I’ve been speaking to the Officer in charge of the investigation of our missing Ducati who wants to look into your case too! He’s calling me Wednesday


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