2000 R6 suspension set up

Bah! Bad month! Cant take my bike to “B” this month…cost issues…So, having an experiment, currently on the front settings of yzfr6…

Havent ridden it yet. See how it feels tomo… Got the others to try maybe also…:wink:



preload 4 lines

compression 6 turns out

rebound 3 clicks out

tyres 36 psi


Preload second from maximum

Compression 1.5 turns out

Rebound 3 clicks out



Front preload: Flush with 7th ring from top (possibly try 6)

Front compression: 4 clicks from hard

Front rebound: 1 click from hard

Rear preload: 4 from soft (possibly try 5)

Rear compression: 8 clicks from hard

Rear rebound: 9 click from hard

Tyre pressures 36/36


pre- 3 from full hard
top- 7 clicks from full hard
bottom- 12 clicks from full hard

preload 5 lines
top - 2 clicks from full hard
bottom - 7 clicks from full hard

No harm in trying these settings, it’ll be useful for you to get a comparison and it might just improve things a little.

As you’ve found, there are many different opinions but that will also be because no two bikes are the same. The same applies to the riders.

Hi B. Trust you to be first to reply,.

I will get to you…Maybe start of next summer riding period!!!

Car MOT. Just paid for V festival tickets 2009, Kids and wife…back to school stuff…etcetc

I will get to you sometime, in the meantime Ill see how I get on!

The bike had typical R6 understeer and Im just fettling with it.

guess it will be for sale soon £50 bag-o-sh1te :D:D:P

Ignored. Sit back down in the corner and put your hand up first little boy

does setting these up make a big difference im not very down with the technical side of things just chuck into a corner and hope for the best will you be at ace on friday

jumps up n down waving from weirdo corner…me sir me sir,

got the cure

take 1 lump hammer + 1 cold chisel and hit the fuggin thing told ya Im a clever t**t :D:P

Stevecbr!Did the YZXR6 set up on the front, and resettled down the difference between both sides of the suspension mounts preload as we observed!

The juddering has gone! The bike is more balanced through acceleration. Doesnt buck and weave so much. So NO you cant have it for £50.

jobs a good un then mate, does it feel totally different to ride ? less falling into slow speed corners, what about the spped wobble you mention has that gone ? bet ya feel really clever now finding the info out, prolly just need fine tuning now, how about looking for the rear settings and making sure they on the ball as well.

Buy an ohlins shock there only 700 pound and the forks are only about 5 grand :laugh:

  1. Yes, more confidence in the ride of the bike too. The back is more planted and stable from the settled front of the bike. Can accelerate faster. Sheeez, the front wheel came up earlier!

  2. Less falling into slow speed corners. Can now countersteer with confidence.

  3. Speed wobble has gone. Still a little, which I presume is needing to get the tyre rebalanced and will be perfect.

  4. Fine tuning to be done by B, when ever I get to book him…

  5. Rear, mmm, need to do some more research on how to do that bit.

Overall, just really glad that the blue topped preloads are set together. Rather than the left one being wound out so much higher than the right as you discovered…

One thing i would say mate is put a steering damper on it, My brother has a r6 race bike like yours, When it use to be on the road, He said it use to catch him out and go into a tank slapper when you dont expect it.

Hi B!

You have pm…

My car sailed though its mot, ill come arrange a visit! :smiley:

Morning! You have PM too.:slight_smile:

Aww how cute…can ya feel the luurve :D:D:P

If you ask nicely I’ll send you one too Steve:D:P


Youre stalking me!

I told Brian you sent me his way…

…Bike is luverrrly set up now. Confidence to turn in sharp on cornering, and countersteering is a dream…

That vagueness in the front wheel all gone…

Wanna Re try it Steve? Different bike now, got to rev it high! Dont use the kill switch.

yeah, yeah, yeah gimme gimme :Dwill sort another ride out on it then col, and this time will rag the wheels of the fugger :P:D