2000 model ZX6 a true 165.5mph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do ya need a thousand?

In Ride magazine this month they tested a 2000 model ZX6 down a drag strip and with 175mph indicated on the clock it clocked a true speed of 165.5mph and it wasnt on the limiter so they reckoned there was a bit more to come! Obviously mine being yellow adds another 10mph so a true 175mph from a 6 year old 600 aint bad

thats impressive…But ull never get ure one to that speed :slight_smile:

Sadly mate your right my mere 15 stone slows it down somewhat! They had a little lady riding this one so maybe I need to get Karen to speed test it for me

I didnt think that rider weight made that much of a difference on the speed of a bike but at a drag meet in northweald a huge and I mean huge huge bloke could only get his ZX9 across the quarter mile in just over 14.5 seconds where as his average sized mate managed to get it near the twelves.