2000 GSXR Y - Trackish Bike..... with V5 - £1100

Evenin’ all - been a while!!

Reason it has been so long is because I just ain’t riding any more - too much life going on…Soooooo I’m selling the GSXR…She hasn’t had a good run out in about 12 months, someone please let her run free!

Now it isn’t really a looker and needs a bit of TLC - but nothing major, I was using it as a commuter until I got a scooter and it didn’t miss a beat.

Needs a new battery and it is SORN, so no MOT or Tax, basically a service and she should run well - hence the price. She has about 21k on the clock.

I used this as a track bike as well as a weekend fun tool, and it was an amazing bike for it’s age. I chucked it down the road once, but was an easy repair, and allowed me to fit a radial caliper on the front.

It has Ohlins rear and ohlins internals on the front, and I did have the engine remapped.

It also has a bracket for an Drift action HD camera, which I will chuck in if I get the asking :wink: I think 1100 is a reasonable price for it…

Perfect track bike as you can ride it to the track, it has cheap fairing so no problem if you have a whoopsie…

Pics below








Cork another blast from the past!! Hope you’re well x

600, 750 or 1000cc?

Hi Sherrie!

Yeah I’m good, but wife and kid have stopped all the motorbike fun…

Jaime, there is only one type of GSXR - the 750 :wink:

Sorry to hear you selling mate.

Thats a decent price for a decent bike and will make a great trackbike for sure.
Good luck with the sale.

Cheers fella, I just don’t get the time any more :frowning:

Too much to insure just for a few outings a year. Going to hire trackday bikes from now on, if I’m only doing a couple a year I am still saving on owning my own.

Now sold…

Nice work.

Hehe Cheers - nice new ride fella, all I have to do now is to get as old as you and then I can afford one of them too (with the comfy seat) :wink: