2000 FireBlade RRY, 18k miles, £2700

This bike is now sold.

2000 FireBlade 929 RRY

Well, in order to raise funds for purchasing a Blackbird, I need to sell the 'Blade.

I’m after £2700 as it’s pretty low mileage for the year and in very good condition :). I know it’s not the best time of year to sell, so if I can’t get what I need, I’ll have to wait until Spring (which is a shame, 'cos I’ve seen a Blackbird locally with low mileage and full luggage!).

18k miles (only done 9k in two years!)
Service history (last serviced at 16k)
11 months tax
MOT around March
Pyramid “carbon look” (plastic) hugger
MRA double bubble screen (slight scratch on one side, was on it when I bought it)
Michelin Pilot Road 2s front and back, fitted as a Christmas present last year, both still have lots of tread left
Never tracked, knee downed :frowning: or crashed
Scorpion race can (unmarked, very subtle) and original can too
Renntec grab rail
Anti-slip pillion seat cover
Copious (and I mean copious) boot space to house toolkit, spare visor, sandwiches, wallet, phone, keys, cargo net…
There are a few sticker bits missing, but nothing major, just a bit of the yellow on the nose around a screw where someone’s over-tightened it and a couple of nicks in the FireBlade logo on the side

It’s a German parallel import and has an oustanding recall for the clutch basket. Not a problem though, as parallels are still covered by Honda for recalls. I just never booked it in as the clutch has been fine.

Unfortunately, the CRGs are provisionally spoken for, so I’ll be putting the standard levers back on for sale.

End of an era. Hopefully the start of a different and maybe better one. :slight_smile:

That is a really gorgeous bike – I so wish I was in the market cos I’d take her off you in an instant.

I have to ask . . . Fireblade to Blackbird . . . ???

it is a nice bike, blade to 'bird no contest comfort, power, handling (ish) economy, smiles per mile fuggin loads :smiley: faster need I go on ? :slight_smile:

Fashion shoe to slipper? (You can go just as fast in either, it’s just down to skills!) :smiley:

Perhaps I’m just too young to understand . . ? :wink:


I’m planning to do more distance riding next year and to be honest, biking’s kind of lost the original appeal it used to have of freedom and just enjoying the ride. It’s got a bit “serious” for me of late, going to a 600RR and then to the 'Blade and I want to go back to just chilling on a bike that’s easy to ride and take in the experience. :slight_smile:

Does that sound weird? lol

Rode the bike to work this morning and there’s a good few mm of tread left over the marker on the back tyre, so it’s good for loads more miles! Those Road 2s seem to wear well! I’d have replaced an 014 by now!

comes with free 2 inch wide chicken strips :smiley:

You can talk! :stuck_out_tongue:

thats a cracking blade…

i’m tempted…

i wonder what insurance would be??? i may enquire!:smiley:

A bloke at work has offered me full asking price for it. While no money has changed hands as yet, I’ve told him it’s his. If you want me to put you first on the reserve list mate, I can do! :wink: