2000 Fireblade RR-Y (929cc FI)

Due to a complete lack of use I have decided that it’s time that someone rescued my beautiful Fireblade from the depths of my warm and cossetting garage and put her to good use. The only reason she is not used is I have a V-Strom for my touring (loads of luggage) and my Dorsoduro for backroad lunacy and trackdays. And my scooter is now used for the daily commute as the winter closes in.Datatool Cat 1 alarm (with spare Datatool fob and Honda key), Smartwater marked, Goodridge braided brake lines, RG crash bungs, Baglux colour matched tank cover, Telefrizer steering head RAM mount for a GPS, Good Avon Storm rear tyre-the front will need replacing (MoT advisory)Micron polished alloy end can (original Honda endcan supplied)Adjustable folding brake and clutch levers (Honda originals supplied)F Fabbri dark double bubble screenSorned and MoT’d to Jan 2013Optimate charger lead

She’s very clean and tidy and looks better than a bike with a third of the mileage. I’ll post some photos up when ithis weekend. Can be viewed in North Essex (I could have vanned it into London, but that bloody LEZ wpn’t allow my van in now!

Sad to see her go but I hate to see her just sitting on the Abbastand under her dust cover.

I was asking for £2,750 or there abouts but open to offers. NOW £2,100 As Must Sell

Thanks for looking.

Looking forward to pics!!

Here are some photos.

She’s a real beauty ! What a bargain at that price !

Certainly worth the money

i think the bike’s clock might be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoever buys this is getting a very nice bike for the money. I love mine :slight_smile:

How did you manage to put the photos like that? I tried copy and paste, didn’t work and uploading even just one failed. Admin help?

he hosted them on photobucket, then inserted the URL


New MOT last Saturday.

I have just bought a TL1000 (so i’ve now 3 v-twins) so this must go.

I’m robbing myself but will take £2,100 for her now.

Tel 07886 205564

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh dribble dribble!!! If I could I would :crying:

Me too… eeek!

Isn’t two enough for you? :smiley:

I know, I know, I would look good on that bike though??!! :smiley:

I would say you would look good on any bike. :wink:

No offence but if you want to sell, I’d seriously consider dropping the price £500 to be more realistic. As gorgeous as it is, £2750 is almost K3 GSXR-1000 money.

He did… he wants £2100 now (see above)

It may have been GSX-R money, but it’s a Blade and not a GSX-R, and a better all rounder IMHO and worth all of that due to it’s condition and it being a Honda and not a GSX-R. And it’s not that I am anti Suzuki-I have three including a K9 GSX-R.

And no offence taken at all.

cool people have 3 bikes :wink: