20 years, 9 months and 1 week later...

I went up to Oulton Park today where my mate Alan Grace was doing a trackday on his SV650. Tricky, because he’s been T12 paraplegic since 1992 and the bike is modded with a pair of stabilisers operated off the indicator switch. As I’m T6/7 para, it was less likely that I’d get on with it too well, much more difficult to balance due to less muscle function.

The deal was that after the last session, we’d swap machines so he could play on the trike and I could see if I could ride his bike. He said that when he first got on, he spent a whole morning riding up and down the car park with the stabilisers down, trying to summon the courage to fly solo… waste of time, he says, just get up to 10 mph and whip the stabilisers up, you’re riding and away. So I took his advice and on my first run, I went to 2 wheels almost immediately - nearly shat meself, mind, but hey. Then I did another couple of longer runs and cracked it, really. Proper riding a bike again, pukka. :smiley: :smiley:

Seems ridiculous to be so pleased to tootle around in first gear, but I’m absolutely chuffed to bits. I never thought this day would come. Of course I want one…

That is absolute class 7wheel! :wink: Did it feel strange being on a two wheeled bike again - or is it still second nature? Brilliant! :smiley:

Nah you don’t want a 650 you want the TL1000!!! :w00t:

Glad to hear you had a good time mate, still if you want to swap the trike for a CBF500… :smiley:

Nice one fella - you still got it in ya !! :cool:

you finally got a go on it then!!:smiley: excellent mate, well pleased for ya, so come on…are SV’s the best or what!?and when ya getting the speed triple…:wink:

almost 21 years! Awesome, musta felt great. Respect:D


nice one 7wheel/2 wheel new name now mate :slight_smile:

way to go! my new hero :slight_smile:

na seriously good on ya :slight_smile:

That must have felt good :slight_smile:

Good on you. that takes courage in bucket loads and must have been a huge bit of fun! Absolutely brilliant! You really want that SV1000 or a nice Triple! :smiley:

What a awesome achievement…

Well done fella, you have more guts than i, what a huge leap of faith that must of been.

Utmost respect to you :slight_smile:

Exellent…sounds like you had fun:D go on then when you getting a bigger bike with smaller stabilizers…:smiley:

It felt kinda weird to begin with because my brain was looking for physical feedback that wasn’t there. Most of the initial scary weirdness came from the stabilisers, as Alan had warned me. So long as my weight was distributed evenly and my arse-crack on the centreline, straight line rolling balance at low speeds felt totally natural - this was like peeking into a lost world - and faster felt safer than slower (YES!, faster pussycat faster!).

All I really need is a “foot down / feet down” system (automated to about 5 mph) and some practice in a safe space. This is entirely feasible - Alan’s total riding experience on this so far is about 7 track days and he looks totally natural on it, he’s very happy at how quickly it has come together. Project Speed Cripple is definitely on the drawing-board.

The SV was ideal for this experience btw Ratty, very well behaved on the throttle. Good starter bike, lad :wink:

Good on yer mate, got any pics?

This is fantastic stuff! Keep us all posted 7wheel - your post has really made my day (after a sh1tty week at work!). Lid off to you fella! :smiley:

only you could come up with a line like that well done again mate, but dont get n SV get a 'bird or 'busa :slight_smile:

Not at all mate, we’re all pleased as punch for you too, well done fella!! :smiley:

I’m with Kev, forget the SV and go for a TL, you know you wanna!! :wink:

congrats mate, i’d be chuffed to bits too if i was u, good luck with it all

mate SV’s rock…

maybe try converting a k3 onwards SV? or you still want that speed cripple liek we discussed!:smiley:

Great to read 7 wheel :cool: but you won’t filter any quicker than on yer trike :smiley: