2 Weeks round Ireland and Scotland

I just came back from an awsome two week trip so I thought I’d let you know the route I took and places to check out if you find yourself out that why. I left London my F650GS packed, side panniers, top box and waterproof bag strapped to the pillion all full tent, clothes, maps that sort of stuff. Head out on to the A40 and followed it all the way to Fishguard in Wales, stopping over at a b&b just the other side of Breacon. Then took a ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare, bit rough but they strap the bike down well and I don’t get sea sick, still its amusing to watch the other passangers go green about the gills after downing too many in the bar as soon as they got on the boat. Landed in Rosslare and headed west toward Cork (N25) following the south coast nice ride stopped at a hotel called the cedar lodge in Wexford (expensive fit bar maid though). Next day on to Cork stopped for lunch and pushed on to Bantry (N71) top ride beatiful scenery, a feature of this trip, rode around the the bottom of West cork up then turned north to Killarney, rained alot going over the mountains Stayed at a wicked hotel in Killarney The hotel Europe very expensive £150 but its got 5 stars, a steam room swimming pool the works very nice.
Next around the Kerry coast road , words fail you for this road just fab , round cliffs with waterfalls one side and the Atlantic on the other, round the Ring of Kerry a must for any trip to Irelandthen into the mountains though the National park up to Molls gap, awsome views, then down through the gap on Dunloe another , you got to ride this ,type road.
Next rode up the coast and around Dingle bay, Long empty white sany beaches mouintains vry nice, rode over Conners Pass another wicked view then rode on to Tralee. Great pub there on edmund street called The Osbourne , named after ozzy got involved in a lock in and got slaughtered, good night .
Then up through Claire and Galway to Connemara , ride the connemara loop brilliant roads though more awsome scenery. Next it was off to North Mayo coast the cliffs there are scarey another great ride though. I’m leaving out all the detail because it’d take way too long . Next Donegal meet some top boys there Harley riders sorted my route though Northern Ireland for me. Rode to the giants cuaseway then took the A2 around the Antrim Coast, great ride a must if your out that way. Then got a ferry to Cainryan from Larne.
Scotland , up though Glasgow then along Loch Lomand wicked roads great fun , then into the Highlands proper , through Glen co past ben Nevis and up to Loch Ness to Fort Augustus, folks all that can be said about the Highlands is go there please , if you do one long bike trip ever make it the Highlands of Scotland its massive awe inspiring, the riding is exillerating just top.Then the two weeks being up, it was on to Inverness then tuned south A9 then A1 all the way back to Highgate. Which I did in a day(show off) that was a trip in itself 13hrs good though. Well thats it planning another trip now.

Nice to see you here mate, and happy birthday for tomorrow

“folks all that can be said about the Highlands is go there please”.

As Highlander born and bred there and having done almost a couple of weeks up there on my bike this summer, I can only second what you’ve just said. Was fantastic. I have a few pics up on the site somewhere of my trip. Loved it.

I did the return journey in 13 hours in a oner as well mate, plenty of coffee stops and breaks, taking it easy. Enjoyed it.

That sounds absolutely fantastic, my kind of trip. Been to most of these places (Donegal, Antrim, Highlands) as well but not on a bike. Did you take lots of photos? Go stick them up on Flickr, I wanna see