2 way radio recommendations?

I’m looking to get a 2 way radio to use with what will be a regular riding partner (once I pass my tests and get my bike).

I’ve a budget of around £100 but have no idea which ones are good and which are bad. Said friend has been doing some digging and likes the look of the push activation ones but is also looking at a bluetooth set up between mobile phones.

Any help and suggestions gratefully received.

Oh, not sure if it’ll make any difference, but I’m half deaf in both ears. I don’t think it will but I thought I ought to mention it.

my advice dont do it lol:Done of the many pros to owning a bike is that you dont hav to listen to the person on the back :slight_smile:

Especially if its your other half!

ha ha im hearing ya :smiley:

Try sending a pm to Stem, he organises the Unity rides and all his support riders use bike to bike comms, so he should be able to advise you on what to go for.

For my last bike trip mate and myself got the Scale Rider Q2 ( http://www.handtec.co.uk/product.php?xProd=1419 ) bluetooth headset, and these far surpassed the cheapo radios we used the previous year.

Full duplex comms (no nead to wait for the other person to stop talking), better range and clarity, and when connected to Satnav, phone these come into their own and a full coms setup. Mics are also good, so good in fact that when talking to people on the phone, they thing you are in a car using a hands free kit, but actually doing 80-90mph on the motorway.

Best £100 spent to date!

Thanks folks, I’ll look into those.

For note, it’s friend as opposed to partner so no worry about more nagging - unless it’s them sulking at me and my shiny new bike!

Hi Hanna,

I wouldn’t recommend them. I was on a trip in Germany recently and the group that joined us all had autocomms. I thought it they were a great idea, but you can easily distract yourselves if you’re nattering away with “oo, look at this & oo, look at that” and not concentrating on where you’re going.

Every now and then Lidl stock a load of biker gear. You would think that it isn’t that great and for some of it that’s true! But at the moment they sell a 2 way radio with helmet speakers for £25. Seems pretty good, you need to buy 2 though.

You can also just buy a high quality 2 way radio set for around £40 and then get the helmet speakers and handlebar push-to-talk button from Maplin for £30. I used that for a bit and it worked OK but the handlebar button connection wasn’t great and had to fix it every few weeks.