2 scooters stolen from isleworth near twickenham

hi i was told about the site from another site .well this morning at 4.30 ,3 young men 1 6foot tall black ,and 1 6foot tall white aged around 20 and 1 small white aged around 15 ,walked into my drive armed with tools ,and took both my sons bikes ,1 was a very nice looking yellow gilera dna 125 with a red front wheel back back wheel ,red flames over the the yellow paint work with a black tank pretector faded the reg is LT02 XYK, this was seen at 3pm today being riden down morgden lane isleworth towards twickenham rugby ground ,the police then lost it ,the other bike is a gilera silver runner ,with all panels rubbed down for respray this also is a 125 reg LJ53 URH ,IF YOU SEE THEM CAN YOU PHONE 999 THANKS FOR YOUR HELP[/img][/img]



Your first image link is broken. Its my area so I will keep my eyes open

Sorry to hear about this. I’ll keep an eye out as it’s in my area too.

Out of curiosity, were they chained down?Edit: Just realised, it’s not actally your bikes.

they both had disc locks on ,and we have cctv watching all 3 bikes ,hubby has a silverwing they didnt take that ,the dna they pushed out of the drive ,but the runner they half carried ,because they couldnt get the lock off or they were running out off time ,we have given the police a copy of the cctv ,i dont think we will get the back just hope the men/boys that take them die on them ,and if i see them in my car god help them