2 New Cameras North Cheam area

Saw these yesterday - just gone up. No lines on the road yet but will be very soon - they are the newer type of rear facing oneson the higher pylons.

  1. North Cheam, London Road (A24)- opposite ‘Goals’ 5 a side centre - covers traffic heading towards Stonecot Hill

  2. St Dunstans Hill (A217) - Opposite the BP Petrol Station and covers traffic heading towards Rose Hill / Morden.

So watch out - especially for number 2 as this is a 40 zonegoing downhill on a wide bend 2 lane section of road.

Ta for the info. Number 2 has quite often had the hairdryer brigade in the layby before now, always a place to take extra care of.

Thanks for the warning.


The shiny new camera recently installed on the A217 opposite the BP Garage in Cheam isn’t so shiny now.

It’s sort of on it’s side surrounded by safety barriers having been uprooted, I don’t know what caused this however it’s not in any fit state to catch speeders at present…

I am not surprised. There is someone in the area who is very efficient at taking out cameras. The first ever two cameras in the area were the ones outside Morden South Station on the A24 - both are always burnt out within weeks of being replaced. The double headed camera on the tall post by Morden Road tram stop (A24) was rammed and destroyed about a month after going up. The post has been replaced but no camera has been fitted to it for over a year. The cameras on the A217 down through Banstead and Burgh Heath are also regulalry torched.

Yep! The cameras do seem to get a fair old pasting round those parts…

They do seem to be living a bit longer than they used to though :wink: